Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pigs, Horses, Cows, And Sheep...and Bartering Farmers

Three farmers met at market and each made an offer:

Farnsworth to Cubbington - "I'll give you 6 of my pigs for 1 of your horses, and then you'll have twice as many animals here as me."

Nebish to Farnsworth - "I like the way you do business. However, I'll give you 14 of my sheep for 1 of your horses, then you, my good man, will have three times as many animals here as I."

Cubbington to Nebish - "I can play this game. I'll give you 4 cows for 1 horse, then you'll have six times as many animals here as myself."

How many animals (don't worry about types of beasts) did Farnsworth, Cubbington, and Nebish bring to market?


  1. Farnsworth has 11, Cubbington has 7, and Nebish has 21. Aaaand good morning, Bob. Nice little wake-me-up math problem.

    1. Good Morning, Dawn. Happy New Year's Eve. So good to hear from you.

    2. I'll get back with you soon about your answer.