Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Creation Stories Chapter 4 - Chinese and Hindu: Once Again the Cosmic Egg but with the Sacrificial Parent Thrown in.

Hindu - In the beginning there was a marvelous gold cosmic egg created by Dyaus, The Sky Father and Prithvi, The Earth Mother. From this egg comes Purusha, their son, who is immediately sacrificed and dismembered so his body can be the stuff of creation - his blood the rivers and lakes, his hair the plants, his bones the mountains. Once a place is established, man and woman are created but the woman, who considers herself the man's sister is fearful of incest, so she runs away and becomes a series of animals. Unfortunately for her, in each incarnation she is captured and mated with by the man. Thus all the species of animals are born. Finally, she relents and the human race is brought into being.

China - The Pangu Myth - In the beginning there was chaos and into this chaos emerged a great cosmic egg with the super-god Pangu inside. Pangu was cramped in the egg and eventually smashed his way out. His first act was to create the heavens and the Earth out of the stuff of chaos. Potent as he was, Pangu was not immortal and when he died, his body was transformed into the rest of the universe: His eyes became the sun and the moon, His blood rivers, His voice thunder, His hair all the plants. Before even the cosmic egg there existed the great Goddess Nuwa. When she saw all that Pangu had created, she decided to make humans. Now even back then there was a pecking order. Nobles were created from pure clay but to make the ordinary people she dragged a rope through mud then shook it. Each drop of mud became an ordinary person.

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