Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cool Fictional Horses - Chapter 2: Cartoon Horses

Cartoon Steeds
Bullseye - Toy Horse companion of Woody the Cowboy in Pixar's Toy Story

Pokey - Stretchy horse belonging to equally stretchy cartoon character Gumby.

Horse - Equine friend of the pride of the Canadian Mounted Police, Dudley Do Right

Quickdraw McGraw - With his faithful donkey companion Baba Looey, Quickdraw rounded up lawbreakers in the old west. Quickdraw also had a secret identity, the guitar wielding vigilante El Kabong, who would whack wrongdoers with a Flamenco guitar. Like Baba Looey was fond of saying, "Quickdraw has a lot upstairs, no brains, just an empty lot."

Maximus - The war horse that makes an uneasy alliance with Rapunzel and her thieving companion Flynn. Incredibly self-righteous, Maximus seems bent on bringing the thief to justice.

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron - Free and hell-bent on staying that way, Spirit hangs tough in the face of a relentless cavalry officer who wants to break..well, his spirit. In the end, the horse not only frees himself but a captured Indian boy.

Comet - Supergirl's super horse. Once a centaur, Biron of Greece was a friend of the sorceress Circe. Having saved her life, Circe wanted to reward him by turning him human but the spell was fouled and he became totally a horse. Circe tried to undo at least part of the damage by giving him super-powers and making him immortal. Biron does turn human when a certain comet passes near Earth. Then he becomes 'Bronco' Billy' a rodeo rider.

Captain - In 101 Dalmatians, Captain is part of a quasi-military group of animals who aid in the search for the kidnapped puppies. In the end, they foil the evil plans of Cruella DeVille and her henchmen.

Boxer - In Animal Farm, Boxer, a loyal and powerful Morgan, supports Napolean, the pig in all his endeavors to change the farm from being run by humans to being sustained by animals. In the end, however, Napolean betrays him and sells him to the glue factory.

Nightmare - Belonging to Casper the Friendly Ghost, Nightmare is naturally a ghost horse. Casper, who really doesn't need a horse since he can fly, is often seen riding nightmare when in the company of Wendy the Good Little Witch - when she is riding her broom.


  1. Wow, this brought back some memories. El Kabong!


  2. I know. It also made me sad to think of poor Boxer, who ended up being carted away.