Thursday, December 4, 2014

Creation Stories Chapter 3: Aztec and Egyptian - The Sun's Struggle vs The Sun's Tears

Egyptian Creation Story - First of all let me present what I think is the coolest part of the Egyptian Creation saga. We are, all of us, the tears of the sun, literally the product of Atum-Ra's saddness. Now to the rest of the story. Atum-Ra, the Sun God was also the first god and all other gods sprung from his body. Shu (the god of air) and Tefnut (the god of moisture in all its forms) were born out of masturbation. These were the first male (Shu) and female (Tefnut). This brother and sister gave birth to Geb and Nut (the Earth and Sky). Once these gods were in place, Tefnut became the Maat, the order bringer and arranged the Earth and its center Egypt. Thus all things were divinely placed: The sacred Nile, the Rites of Worship, The Floods, The roles for priests, the Pharaohs, the people. 

Aztecs also worshiped the sun. In fact, if anything, they revered it more - to the tune of human sacrifice.

Aztec Creation Story - In the beginning, there was only the goddess Omencihuatl and her first act of creation was to manufacture a knife. I suppose that makes sense for a people who would need knives a lot. This knife fell to Earth (which I assume she also created) and from it sprang the kingdom of Mexica and the gods. As for the creation of everything else, this tale is called "The Myth of the Five Suns." Like the story of the Navajo, there were worlds within worlds, five of them, each protected by a Sun God. The First World, in the North, was ruled by Tezcatlipoca, God of Darkness. It was eaten by Tigers. The Second world, in the West was governed by Quetzalcoatl, God of Magic. It was wiped out by Winds. And oh yeah, it human inhabitants became monkeys.The Third World, in the South, was ruled Tlaloc, God of Fire. It was rubbed out by a Rain of Fire and its humans became birds. The Fourth World, in the East was ruled over by the Goddess Chalchihuitlicue (Goddess of water). Appropriately this one was wiped out by a flood. I'm going to assume these guys became fish. The Fifth World, the one we all live in and which Mexica was its center, was and still is, ruled over by another Fire God, Xuihtecuhtli. When it is finally destroyed it will be wiped out by the Mother of all Earthquakes. 

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