Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Earth Extremes:The Highest, The Largest, The get the idea

For years I coached Knowledge Bowl at the High School and Junior High level (in fact I put this experience into one of my mysteries). One of the things all my academic athletes had to know was the extraordinary features of the Earth. Then said to myself, "I bet a lot of people would like all of the cool places on Earth gathered in one list. So here's that list.

Highest Mountains
Vinson Massif - Antarctica
Mount McKinley/ Dinali - North America
*Everest - Asia
Mount Ebrus - Europe
Mount Townsend - Australia
Kilimanjaro - Africa
*tallest in world

Largest Mountain Chain 
Atlas - Africa
Alps - Europe
Andes - South America
*Himalayas - Asia
Snowy - Australia
Transantarctic - Antarctica
*largest in the world

Longest River
*Nile - Africa
Amazon - South America
Mississippi - North America
Volgo - Europe
Yangtze - Asia
Onyx - Antarctica

Largest Desert
Before we list the largest deserts in each continent, let it be known that the largest desert in the world is the continent of Antarctica. This continent gets less rainfall than the Sahara.

Sahara - Africa
Gobi - Asia
Patagonia - South America
Great Victoria Desert - Australia
Chihuahuan - North America

Highest Waterfalls
*Angel Falls - South america
Victoria Falls - Africa
Yosemite Falls - North America
Dettifoss Falls - Europe (Iceland)

If you can think of any others you didn't see here feel free to send them to me. If fact, I would love it.

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