Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Complete Names of Fictional Characters - Chapter 2

I such a good time with the last list - who knew that Barbie's real name was Barbara Millicent Roberts - that I had to put together another one. So here's your list, see how many you know before you scroll below:

1. Mister Magoo's first name

2. The Yellow Hat Man from Curious George

3. The Policeman from the Game of Monopoly

4. From the old sitcom Nightcourt, the bailiff named Bull

5. The full name of the Lone Ranger.

6. The real name of Scaramouche.

7. Anne of Green Gables last name

8. The Killer from No Country for Old Men

9. MacGyver's first name

10. George's (Lenny's friend) last name from Of Mice and Men

If you can name even three of these you are worthy of much praise. But if you can get them all, you more than likely can also levitate and have x-ray vision. 

1. Quincy Magoo is the myopic wanderer

2. Curious George's human friend is Ted Shackleford

3. The man who will send you to jail (straight to jail) is Officer Edgar Mallory

4. The giant bald-headed bailiff Bull on Nightcourt is Nostradamus Shannon

5. The Lone Ranger is John Reid

6. Scaramouche, that daring rogue is Andre-Louis Moreau 

7. Anne of Green Gables's full name is Anne Shirley

8. The mesmerizing killer in No Country for Old Men is Anton Chigurl

9. Mister I-can-defuse-an-atomic-bomb-with-a-hershey-bar's full name is Angus MacGyver

10 Lenny's friend in Of Mice and Men is George Milton

As before I would love to hear from any of you who enjoyed this list. And if you did please follow my blog. If you know the first name of Cramer on Seinfeld let me know.


  1. Cosmo Kramer. :)

    And I did know what Barbie's full name was, probably because I wrote an article about her at some milestone birthday. But the rest of these? Not so much.


  2. I'm entertained that I knew none of these.

    1. Well, Abram, we aim to please. Glad you enjoyed it. Come back again.