Friday, January 9, 2015

Pikes Peak Writers Conference: Read and Critique

Here's the deal. I am excited (that's spelled somewhat intimidated) to be the Read And Critique Coordinator for the 2015 Pikes Peak Writers Conference - in my opinion the finest, most useful, funnest (yeah, that's a word) writing conference in the solar system.

In aid of being more than just a pretty face, let me school you about Read and Critique sessions in general and the types of sessions in particular.

What the heck is a Read and Critique Appointment, you say? 
     - Are you proud of your work? Here is a chance to show it off!! 
   - Industry Professionals (Authors, Agents, Editors) will provide immediate, I'm talking on the spot, feedback concerning the beginning of your manuscript. And it doesn't have to be completed as of the conference.

What are the types of Read and Critique Sessions?

Read and Critique Author

Like the title suggests, you are with a published author. You read your opening two pages (Don't cheat. We're talking industry standard format). You are in a small intimate setting, just you, your author, and a few other participants. Author provides immediate feedback. Additional feedback from the other participants is encouraged.

Read and Critique 1,2,3

A staffer reads your first page, 16 lines (either chapter 1 or your prologue) aloud. You remain anonymous. A panel of one Author, one Agent, and one Editor listens then each provides insight and direction. These sessions are open to attendees to listen in and take notes. 

Read and Critique X

You read aloud your first page - again 16 lines - to an Agent or Editor. The coolness factor in this type of session is that every effort will be made to match you up with professionals who align with your genre. As in all Read and Critique sessions feedback will be immediate and one-on-one.

How might I avail myself of these wonderful opportunities to have my work evaluated?

Glad you asked!!

First be diligent. Decide what type of Read and Critique suits you. Research the conference faculty at the Pikes Peak Writers Website.

Next, request an appointment on your registration form.

Which brings us to registration. Register for the conference ASAP. The earlier you are ensconced in the conference the more likely you will receive the Read and Critique appointment of your choice. Be sure to provide your genre, since this will determine how you are assigned a session and who you will be with.

Oh yeah, one more thing. All Read and Critique sessions are at no extra charge.

If you have any additional questions I would advise a delightful excursion to the Pikes Peak Writers Website.     Write on.  

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