Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year's Tradition Revisited

When I was first courting my wife, the wonderful and sexy Barbara Ebright, she was working at a now defunct restaurant La Petite Mason - she looked hot in her waitress uniform.

Several times I would come in for a cup of coffee and a creme brulee. Barbara would wait on me and I would make that desert and coffee last forever. When I was done I would tip her fifty dollars, thinking she would think me a spontaneous and lavish suitor. 

Anyway, the highlight of the year and for years to come (even after we were an official item, and later married) was News Years Eve. Barbara would invariably work, and I would dress up - it was a very fancy restaurant - and show up around 11:45. The owner knew me by now and plied me with specialty wines and deserts and I would sit at a table set aside for me. At midnight all the patrons would go outside to see the fireworks explode over Pikes Peak. I would hold Barbara's hand and at midnight we would share a New Year's kiss.


That restaurant is now gone, but last night Barbara -who has retired - and I decided to go back to stand outside that restaurant on Tenth and Colorado and and watch the fireworks explode over the peak. It was a bit on the cold side but it was worth it. I held her hand and she leaned her head on my shoulder. At midnight, as the rockets exploded over America's mountain, I held one very sexy ex-waitress and we kissed in the new year.

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