Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park Last Day.

Woke up to a wet day, and no possibility of a hike, so Barbara and I decided to drive from one end of town to the other just taking in the storefronts and the ambiance. Grand Lake looks good with mist rising off the streets and all glittery wet.

Before checking out we stood - out of the rain - and watched the lake. Even with the rain coming down there were still paddle boarders. And they appeared to be having fun.

Decided to go over Berthoud Pass and maybe eat lunch somewhere along the way. As always this friendly little pass was delightful. The climb was through gorgeous weather and we could see forever. The views along the way were of cirques and glacier carved mountainsides, pine and aspen forests, distant lakes and cloud-covered peaks. Made my heart sing (if you thought of Wild Thing just now so did I).

Went into the town of Empire to visit Jenny's Diner. Our grandson-in-law's parents own the wonderful little establishment and we have never met them. They were gracious and fun and offered us a free lunch but we wanted to get through Denver before rush hour. The diner is situated in an old antique shop (Did you know that potato chips used to come in a can?). Took some pictures of the town and the diner and moved on.

Got home around noon feeling refreshed and promising ourselves we would hit Rocky again as soon as possible.

So this is the end. If you have never visited to the west side (some call it the wet side) of Rocky Mountain National Park, don't put it off. Elves dance there.

So long.


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