Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park Day 1

Okay, reader here's the deal. My wife, Barbara and I traveled a few hours from our home in Colorado Springs, CO to venture into--what I believe--is the premier National Park in the state of Colorado.

Day 1 Estes Park and the Bear Lake hike to Emerald Lake. We came into Estes Park, a sweetheart of a town on the Eastern side of Rocky. This is the more traveled side of the park and in the heart of the summer and in the fall elk rut gets somewhat crowded. We are here in August and its delightful. We go into Rocky and immediately take what is called Bear Creek corridor up to one of the more popular sites, Bear Lake. This small lake is the jumping off point for most of the trails on the eastern portion of Rocky. Today, we choose the triple lake hike of Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lakes.

Nymph Lake - the smallest of the triple lakes it is covered by lily pads in summer and in July these bear a beautiful the yellow flower.

Dream Lake - the largest of the lakes on this hike, it is a favorite spot for fishermen. A few years back I came to Rocky in the company of two fly fishermen (I wrote while they fished, 12 hours whew!). Today when Barbara and I arrive there is a conclave of Hebrew students (forelocks, yarmulkes, and black derby hats). Their unexpected presence in this western setting was underlined by the fact that most of them had wonderful New York accents.

Emerald Lake - every time I visit this last gem on the triple string I'm always tempted to think 'this is a place where elves would come to dance.' On the trail to this final lake we pass a waterfall and a wetland meadow alive with butterflies. At the lake we meet folks from all over the country, including a married couple from North Liberty Iowa. We come to find out they often frequented a restaurant owned by my wife's brother.

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