Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Years Wish

   For those of you old enough to remember Richard Bach's book Illusions (yes, the same guy who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull), the god-like main character said that there is only two reasons ever to do anything.  One is to have fun.  The other is to learn something.  When you can do both at the same time, then you're onto something.
  Lately, I have been spending a large amount of time outside my comfort zone (which is usually a sure sign of learning).  Strangely enough I've also been having an inordinately large amount of fun.
First of all, there's this blog thing.  Who would have thought that anyone would spend a moment of their precious time reading my thoughts?  Who would have thought I HAD any thoughts (sounds like I'm lisping; doesn't it)?  Yet here I am sharing giggles and random musings with folks who also from time to time comment, comfort, and applaud these same random musings.  Life is good.
  Earlier in the week, I had my first interview, with children's indie author Robert Stanek.  Was that ever a kick in the butt.  I got to know another author, ask questions, and learn something (Richard Bach would be proud).  I hope to do a bunch more of these, so stay tuned.
  I now Tweet!!  Not very often, and not as effectively as I would like but what the heck, I'm a tweeter.  I remember a time when I said, "Nobody cares if I'm heading into Starbucks."  This is still probably true, but that that's not all people tweet about.  Strangely enough, some of it is interesting.  Go figure.
  I am hip deep into promoting Radical Equations, my newest installment of the Bonnie Pinkwater mystery series.  And I am doing so many new things--most under the guidance of Deb Courtney of Courtney Literary.  Is she ever Da Bomb (that's right, people, I can talk the talk)!!
   I HAVE A MARKETING PLAN.  Who'd of thought it.  For the first three books in the series, I pretty much shot from the hip with mixed results: signings, conferences, book clubs, classes.  Some things worked better than others.  Now there is a science to what I'm doing.  I have to admit, it's scary and keeps me busy, but there again scary can be translated into learning something.
  Anyway, I could go on and on about this current experience of running hard with this indie book thing--and probably will in the future, but for now, I am learning stuff (at 60 no less) and having the time of my life.
   So my New Year's wish for all of you, especially my fellow authors, may you increase the density of your dendrites, while giggling like a four-year old.

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