Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Stuff at PPWC

Okay, pay attention. I am going to lay out before you the three classes I will be teaching at the upcoming Pikes Peak Writers Conference, which by the way will be my 13th. Can you spell Triskaidekaphobia?
The Art of the Funny Bone

Do you like to laugh? Would you like to make other do the same? This is a class to give you some pointers in just how to do that. I will do my utmost to make you smile while teaching you the art - or is a science? - of taking others along for the ride. There will be jokes, so be prepared.

Writing the Amateur Sleuth

Here's the straight poop. I write mysteries where a math teacher solves murders. Of course, no self respecting math professor would be caught dead - dead, get it? - going anywhere near a murder, but there you have it. If you have aspirations of making your, pick one: Tattoo Artist, Zookeeper, Ice Cream Vendor, Curling Instructor, Massage Therapist poke his or her nose into homicide, then this is the class for you.

Author 101

This class I get to teach with the wonderful and totally fun Angel Smits. We will pass along the wisdom of the ages or at least some stuff that we have learned along the way. We'll talk about Agents and the Writing Life, Rejections and Indie Publishing. Truth is we hope to answer every one of your burning questions regarding Authoringoshipness (that's a word, I'm pretty sure). Now this one is on Thursday morning in the pre-conference classes, so look for it there. 

And if you see me at the conference please stop and say. Well, maybe not in the bathroom but just about anywhere else.