Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday's Write Brain - Funnybone

This will be short and oh so sweet.  I spent last evening at a fire station doing what I like most, laughing with friends. About twenty to thirty gracious folks turned out on a rainy Tuesday to attend my Write Brain: The Musical Scale of the Funnybone.

I even had a teenager in attendance, which made me smile.  I hope the poor young man wasn't scarred for life.

We shared my views on humor from Puns to Double Entendres, from Slapstick to Reverses and even a brief foray into the world of the Triple. Jokes were told and laughter rang throughout for about two hours.  In fact, Laura Harvey, who was my moderator and task master had to reel us all in at the end of our time.

I got to see old friends and hopefully make some new ones.  We even got to help someone out of a drainage ditch - although, truth be told, my job was to mostly stand around.

So here's a tip of my hat to all you guys and ladies who shared a few hours with me and made me feel so welcome.  I think the world of you.

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