Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Review of Radical Equations

Radical Equations, by Robert Spiller

Kaye Booth of the Southern Coloado Literature Examiner reviews my newest.

True to form, Colorado Springs author Robert Spiller has created another perplexing puzzle for his heroine, math teacher Bonnie Pinkwater to solve, in Radical Equations.

A rash of murders suddenly occurs within her community, and as usual, Bonnie finds herself thrown right into the middle of the melee. This murder mystery keeps readers guessing, as the first murder is discovered by Bonnie and her “witchy” friend Rhiannon, but before the authorities arrive, the body disappears.

After barely escaping a tornado, Bonnie rediscovers the body in amongst the ruins of the school. She, of course deduces that two and two is not adding up to four and her insatiable curiosity carries her off to discover the truth about what is really going on.

The stakes get higher when she and Rhiannon are shot at and another murder is discovered. Before it’s all over, Bonnie will truly have to use her deductive skills to figure this one out, but never fear, the sleuth in Bonnie is always up to the task.

Robert Spiller has once again used his experience and knowledge as a math teacher, to lead readers through a maze that can only be negated by logic and deductive reason. For Bonnie Pinkwater to solve this daunting dilemma, it will definitely require some Radical Equations. Radical Equations is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery read.

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